Samos y Sarria

Royal purple, beige with gold flecks, Camino flower yellow, robin’s egg blue, and more – all colors representing the auras of our fellow peregrinos. Walking 24 kilometers provides a lot of time. And with this time, we as pilgrims entertain ourselves with a variety of different techniques: discovering our auras or spirit dog breeds, reflecting on what life will be like after the Camino, tackling riddles involving an albatross and a hungry widower, and all of the other things we learned in summer camps or long road trips. “Entertainment” was not too necessary for our walk today, however, since Samos (and then on to Sarria) provided beautiful, idyllic green forests that captured our attention…for the most part anyways.

Stumbling into Samos, a pilgrim first notices, and promptly has his or her breath taken away from, the monastery that rests in the morning mists. Gratefully taking the opportunity to rid ourselves from our packs, a large group of Fordham peregrinos took a tour of Samos’ main attraction. An active Benedictine community, a past filled with fires, home to the largest organ along the Camino, and rumors (Dr. Gyug emphasizes its status as a rumor) of Hitler’s “escape” through the building, the tour provided a comprehensive history of the monastery. The guided tour also showcased the monastery’s modern frescoes and its (somewhat oxymoronic) simple Baroque styled church. The tour ended with a stop at the gift shop for the monastery’s credential stamp and some Samos themed postcards.
After our two hour detour in Samos, we made our way to the albergue in Sarria. Celebrating Rachel’s birthday and Real Madrid’s win, our evening in Sarria – filled with Italian food, a birthday surprise game of mafia, and more – marked another wonderful and successful night on the Camino before heading to Portomarín the following day.

Buen Camino!


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